Prefect 1.1.0 is out introducing pipe operator for functional chaining, Kubernetes authentication support to HashiCorp Vault, improving idempotency key for mapped subflows, fixing Hasura zombie processes and many task library enhancements!

Hey everyone! :wave:

We’ve just released Prefect 1.1.0! Here is a copy of the release notes:


  • Add .pipe operator to prefect.Task for functional chaining - #5507
  • Add Kubernetes authentication support to VaultSecret - #5412


  • Allow tasks to consume self as an argument - #5508
  • Improve the default idempotency key for create_flow_run task when mapping during a local flow run - #5443


  • Fix the broken URL displayed in - #5490
  • Fix zombie processes created by Hasura container during prefect server start - #5476

Task Library

  • Add Airbyte configuration export task - #5410
  • Update Glob task to accept a string path - #5499
  • Fix pod logging while using RunNamespacedJob - #5514
  • Add include_generated_sql option to CubeJSQueryTask - #5471


Thanks to our many contributors! :technologist:

Happy Engineering!