Prefect 2.7.1 is released with a new UI page for coordinating task run concurrency limits, bulk-delete functionality from the UI for flows, deployments and work queues, improved timeout for Kubernetes jobs, and many more!

Hi everyone!

We’ve just released Prefect 2.7.1

This release adds:

  • a task run concurrency limits UI page - you can now add new task run concurrency limits and see how many slots are taken at any time

  • bulk deletion of flows, deployments, and work queues from the UI

  • PREFECT_EXTRA_ENTRYPOINTS setting for module injection to allow registration of custom blocks (e.g. during CI/CD)

  • improved timeout handling on the KubernetesJob block - this timeout is now disabled by default (i.e. job_watch_timeout_seconds is set to None)

  • fix for the prefect agent start --prefetch-seconds command

  • fix for the flow run URL from notification blocks

…and several more intricate enhancements and fixes you can read about in the release notes.

Thanks to t-yuki and padbk for their first contributions. :blue_heart:

Happy engineering!

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