Prefect 2.0.3 is live! 🎉

This release includes a number of improvements and bug fixes:

  • Azure storage blocks can use .prefectignore
  • Resolved bugs and improved interface in the Orion client.
  • Resolved a bug in Azure storage blocks that would cause uploads to get stuck.
  • Resolved a bug where calling a flow in a separate thread would raise an exception.
  • Resolved issues with loading flows from a deployment.
  • Corrected some erroneous type annotations.
  • Better handling of database errors during state transition validation.
  • Better sanitization of labels for Kubernetes Jobs.
  • Fixes --manifest-only flag of prefect deployment build command to ensure that using this flag, the manifest gets generated, but the upload to a storage location is skipped.
  • Added support for multiple YAML deployment paths to the prefect deployment apply command.

We want to highlight again that we released prefect-dbt - a collection of Prefect integrations for working with dbt in your Prefect flows. This collection has been built as part of a partnership with dbt Labs to ensure that it follows best practices for working with dbt.

Upgrade with
pip install -U prefect

Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback, opened issues, wrote code, and improved documentation! :tada: