New Prefect 2.0 release: 2.0b3 including new integrations, improvements to Orion backend services, better filters and dashboard UX, and more!

Hi Prefectionists! :wave:

Yesterday, we’ve released Prefect 2.0b3 with an improved dashboard and filter UX, two new integrations, and several fixes and improvements you can read about in the release notes below and on GitHub.

New features


  • Improved filter expression display and syntax in the UI.
  • Flow runs can be queried more flexibly and performantly.
  • Improved results persistence handling.
  • Adds code examples to schedules documentation.
  • Added a unit testing utility, prefect_test_harness .
  • Various documentation updates.


  • The Scheduler no longer crashes on misconfigured schedules.
  • The MarkLateRuns service no longer marks runs as Late several seconds too early.
  • Dashboard filters can now be saved, including flow/task run states.
  • Flow runs can no longer transition from terminal states. The engine will no longer try to set the final state of a flow run twice.
  • Scheduled flow runs are now deleted when their corresponding deployment is deleted.
  • Work queues created in the UI now work the same as those created with the CLI.
  • Kubernetes flow runners now correctly inject credentials into the execution environment.
  • Work queues created via the UI now function correctly.

Give it a try

pip install -U "prefect>=2.0b"

Docs to get started: Overview - Prefect 2.0

Happy Engineering!