How to self-host Prefect 2.0 orchestration layer? - list of resources to get started

This Discourse topic is meant to be used as a comprehensive list of resources pointing you to the right documentation or a tutorial. Depending on a different cloud provider or on-premise infrastructure requirements, you may need a different way of deploying Prefect 2.0.

Architecture & components of Prefect 2.0

Self-hosting on a VM with docker-compose

Self-hosting on a Linux VM

Self-hosting on AWS EC2


Helm chart

Cloud 2.0 as an alternative

Remember that there is an always-free tier - you can sign up and test out the platform. No trial accounts and no credit card are required.

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thanks for the list of resources, it helped me get started on my experiment trying to self host Prefect on Google Compute Engine with terraform.

here’s a link to my repo if anyone’s interested: GitHub - VeraZab/elt-template: with terraform, GCP, Prefect and dbt