Should I start with Prefect 2.0 (Orion), skipping Prefect 1.0?

Short answer: we highly encourage all new Prefect users to start with Prefect 2.0 and Cloud 2.0.

At the time of writing, both Prefect 2.0 and Cloud 2.0 will remain under active development in beta status until approximately July 2022 , with a number of major features yet to come.

The target for the General Availability of Cloud 2.0 and stable release of Prefect 2.0 is July 2022.

Can I use Cloud 2.0 in production already?

Cloud 2.0 is a beta product, with beta product guarantees. When deciding whether to start using Cloud 2.0 today, you should consider:

  • your use case i.e. scope, scale, and complexity of your workflows,
  • your requirements regarding stability and resilience,
  • your preference regarding whether you want to optimize for addressing current needs or whether you focus on using Prefect long-term.

Given the above criteria, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Here are some points that may help you choose the right Cloud product as a new user.

  1. Start with Cloud 1.0 when:

    • you are already a Prefect user and/or you already have a Cloud 1.0 account,
    • you are new to Prefect and your team requires user management, RBAC, and multi-tenant orchestration API before July 2022,
    • your requirements for stability and resilience outweigh the drawbacks of having to migrate to a new platform later,
    • you prefer a mature, legacy platform over a beta product.
  2. Start with Cloud 2.0 when:

    • you are optimizing for working with Prefect long-term,
    • you are willing to work with a product that is currently still in a beta status with beta product guarantees (including potential breaking changes),
    • you are doing a PoC and your team still needs some time to get familiar with Prefect or workflow orchestration in general.

If your reliability, security, or scaling needs are the same as or less than hosting Prefect 2.0 yourself, start with Cloud 2.0 in production.

Note on the stability of Prefect 2.0

The basic building blocks such as tasks and flows are stable and can already be used to build production-ready workflows. However, some concepts such as flow code storage , results , and similar building blocks remain WIP. Similarly, some internal API routes and underlying building blocks behind deployments may change. As long as you keep that in mind, you can start building production workflows with Prefect 2.0 and give us feedback if something doesn’t work as expected.

Note on the stability of Cloud 2.0

Cloud 2.0 is not just a sandbox environment. While we cannot guarantee a hundred percent resilience of this beta product, this platform is ready to kick the tires even for massive workflows. We are automatically performing upgrades with new releases and monitoring the uptime of the underlying infrastructure.

The UX of Prefect 1.0 and Prefect 2.0

The user experience between both products is very similar - using both products, you can run your workflows locally by adding a couple of decorators and Prefect-specific concepts to your workflow. Then, you can deploy your flows - in Prefect 1.0 this step is called flow registration, while Prefect 2.0 provides a more flexible concept of deployments.


If you still have any questions about which product to choose, reach out to us:

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