Main topic: Flow Deployment Patterns & Getting Started Recipes

This list of resources will point you to any topic of your interest regarding how to build a reliable flow deployment process suitable to your use cases, your data stack, and your team.

1. Getting started: install Prefect, run first flows, sign up for Cloud


Getting-started repository templates for Prefect 2.0

Getting started Discourse topics

2. DataflowOps

Recipes and documentation to reliably manage dataflow operations:

  • setting up your execution layer (your agents) with Infrastructure as Code
  • creating remote storage and infrastructure blocks
  • building reliable deployments
  • testing your flows
  • setting up a CI/CD pipelines
  • best practices for managing dataflow operations

Prefect deployments


Managing environments, secrets, agents & execution layer


Real-time streaming workflows in Prefect 2.0

Event-driven workflows


3. Deep dives into concepts and how they relate to each other

4. PoC recipes based on your stack

How to build a Prefect 2.0 PoC on AWS

How to build a Prefect 2.0 PoC on Azure

How to build a Prefect 2.0 PoC on a single server or VM instance