Will Cloud 2.0 have shared workspaces and team management features?

I am existing user on Prefect 1.0 and new to Prefect 2.0.
And curious about do Prefect 2.0 offer teams features like it used to be on version 1.0?
Shared projects/flows amongst other team member

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Great question @Zack_Hee!

Cloud 2.0 will have various team management features including workspaces, user and account management within your organization, RBAC, and more. We’ll definitely send an update about that once those features are released - follow Topics tagged release-notes in the #announcements category to stay up-to-date!

For example, you can think of a workspace as an isolated environment for your flows and deployments. Those could be used e.g. to isolate dev vs. prod vs. staging environments. They could also be used to provide separation between different teams.

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