New release - Prefect 2.3.0 adds support for flows stored in Docker images, read-only GitHub storage blocks, new context manager to disable Prefect logger, brand new task run UI page, as well as several fixes and enhancements!

Hi everyone! :wave:

We are excited to announce the 2.3.0 release! It includes some highly requested new features such as:

  • first-class support for flows stored in Docker images and in read-only GitHub storage blocks
  • context manager disable_run_logger allowing to disable Prefect logger for testing tasks and flows
  • new task run UI page
  • several fixes and enhancements – many of those include improvements to Deployments.

As always, thanks to all contributors and everyone reporting issues on GitHub! :blue_heart:

Blog post explaining new features

For a detailed overview of changes, see the blog post for the release:

As always, to upgrade to the latest version:

pip install prefect -U

Cloud 2.0 is already up to date! :cloud:

Release notes on GitHub

Happy engineering!