Prefect 2.5 adds new serverless infrastructure capabilities, batch deletion from the UI, and utilities to orchestrate flow runs from deployments

Hi everyone! :wave:

We’ve just released Prefect 2.5 with several highly requested features, including:

  • run_deployment feature allowing you to trigger flow runs from deployments, wait for their completion, schedule runs for later (even from a custom application), coordinate parametrized dataflows across teams, and run each part of your workflow in a separate Docker container or Kubernetes job – all these use cases were enabled with a single utility function
  • improvements to serverless deployments, including a.o. Google Cloud Run infrastructure block and ECS customizations
  • batch deletion of flow runs from the UI (and many more UI features coming soon!)

Check the release post to find out more:

Thanks to everyone reporting issues on GitHub and to our contributors, Alessandro Lollo and Stéphan Taljaard.

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