Self host server on load balancer

Hello - I have a Prefect 2 server running in AWS ECS connected to a load balancer, and I’d like to add a second target to help with capacity. I saw a community exchange (this one: Slack) from 1 year ago suggesting the scheduler may need to run alone, with multiple instances of other server services allowed. Is that still the case? Or can I run multiple server targets with the same command “prefect orion start”?
Thank you!

Does no one else self-host a prefect server behind a load balancer?

After looking through the code, there are a few references to the idempotency of the Scheduler (and the fact that even a single server runs 2 scheduler), the FlowRunNotifications pull from a DB queue one entry at a time, and other services are a don’t care (in terms of multiples), it seems there is no risk of running multiple server instances.