Release candidate for Prefect Core 1.0

Hey everyone, we’re very excited to share our release candidate for Prefect Core 1.0 :tada:!

Prefect Core has matured into a rock-solid, stable workflow management system. We hope you’ll help us make sure it’s ready for the official 1.0 release by trying it out and letting us know if it breaks anything for you.

Ready to give 1.0rc a spin?

Since this is a prerelease, it will not be installed by default.

  • Use pip install prefect==1.0rc1 to try it out.
  • The release is also available in a Docker image at prefecthq/prefect:1.0rc1-python3.8 .

Highlights of this release include:

  • API keys are the way to authenticate with Prefect Cloud. Support for tokens has been removed. Check the API keys docs for details on moving to keys.
  • Flow Environments have been removed. Use RunConfig instead to define where and how a flow run should be executed. We deprecated Environments back in 0.14, but if you’re still using them, you won’t get a warning anymore. We have a guide on upgrading to RunConfig if you need it.
  • We’re dropping explicit support for Python 3.6.

There are some breaking changes in this release. You can read more about them in the changelog. Otherwise, check out the 1.0 documentation preview or join the discussion on Github. Soon we’ll have topics on migrating to Prefect 1.0 as well.

We’re excited about this milestone and thankful to have your support through the process.

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