New Prefect 2.0 release 2.0.1 is out thanks to your feedback to our General-Availability release

The response to Prefect 2 has been overwhelming in the best way possible. :tada:

Thank you to the many community members who tried it out and gave us feedback! Thanks in particular to the students at this week’s Prefect Associate Certification Course (PACC) in San Jose for their thoughtful recommendations and our Club42 members’ feedback about GA-release.

This release is a compilation of enhancements and fixes that make for a more resilient, performant, and refined Prefect experience.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Schedules set via the API or UI are now preserved when building deployments from the CLI
  • JSON types are now coerced to none, following Javascript convention and supporting standards compatibility
  • The prefect deployment execute command has been removed to avoid confusion between running a flow locally from a Python script and running it by an agent using prefect deployment run
  • This repository now includes templates for pull requests and issues to make bug reports and community contributions easier
  • The scheduler and flow-run-notifications LoopServices have been made more resilient
  • Log inserts have been made more performant through smaller log batches
  • Local file system blocks created from the UI now point to the right base_path
  • Support for unmapped values to has been added as requested by Club42 members
  • The deployment build command now supports an optional output flag to customize the name of the deployment.yaml file, to better support projects with multiple flows

To try it out or upgrade:

pip install -U prefect

Happy Engineering!