Radar view is empty (help!)

Bug summary

The radar visualization in the Prefect Server UI does not show the task dependencies when running code bellow, it is still empty after changing some browers.

# command: python3.8 test_example0.py
def task_1():
    return 1
def task_2():
    return 2
def task_3():
    return 3
def main_flow():
    t1 = task_1()
    t2 = task_2(wait_for=[t1])
    t3 = task_3(wait_for=[t2])



  • bowser: chrome, firefox, edge
  • Version: 2.14.12
  • API version: 0.8.4
  • Python version: 3.8.9

hi everyone, is there anybody knows what’s wrong with it? thanks