Prefect 2.7.8 adds timeline view, a new task decorator to invalidate cache, support for memory limits and privileged containers for Docker infrastructure, and more!

Prefect 2.7.8 is here!

This release includes several highly requested features, including:

  1. Flow run timeline view - apart from the radar view showing the flow structure and dependencies, you can now see how your task and subflow runs progress over time, making it easier to track concurrent execution and troubleshoot performance bottlenecks. This feature is currently in beta, and we have many improvements planned in the near future! We’re looking forward to your feedback.

  2. New argument refresh_cache on the task decorator - this allows you to rerun the task and refresh the cached result. You can think of it as manually invalidating the cache for a given task when needed. You may also temporarily change your Prefect Setting to refresh all tasks without changing your code using the command: prefect config set PREFECT_TASKS_REFRESH_CACHE=true

  3. Support for memory limits and privileged containers on the DockerContainer infrastructure block.

Apart from that, there are improvements to client retriable exceptions, documentation, orjson serialization, and more.

As always, check the release notes for more information.

Big thanks :blue_heart: to toro-berlin, muddi900, ddelange, and Ewande for making their first contributions!

Happy Engineering!

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