Radar view does not capture control dependencies?

Consider the following simple conditional flow:

def task_cond():
    # returns True or False randomly, actual implementation omitted

def task_if_true():

def task_if_false():

def main():
    if task_cond():

Apparently there is a control dependency between task_if_true/task_if_false and task_cond. But it seems Radar view does not capture this kind of dependency, i.e. there is not a edge(in DAG terms) between task_if_true/task_if_false and task_cond on Radar view.

Could anyone explain why? Is it because it’s hard to capture control dependencies, since we can simply use if/else to express conditions in Prefect 2?

Hi @William_Gu :wave: Have a look at this issue which discusses a very similar behavior, specifically this comment.

Hi Emil,

Really appreciate your reply. The discussions in that issue answer my question.

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