Prefect 2.10.4 is here with project enhancements, UI fixes, and more!

Prefect 2.10.4 has been released!

This update brings you enhancements for project deployments and workers, along with helpful fixes for flow run cancellation and the worker CLI. Let’s dive into the details!

:hammer_and_wrench: More flexible project deployments

No more errors when removing keys from a project’s deployment.yaml! Thanks to the changes in #9190, Prefect now uses default values for any required keys missing from your project’s configuration.

:clock1: Streamlined cancellation for scheduled flow runs

In response to challenges cancelling scheduled flow runs, #8414 introduces a new flow orchestration rule.

This rule ensures scheduled flow runs that haven’t started and lack an infrastructure PID skip the CANCELLING state where they previously got stuck and directly transition to CANCELLED.

Other Changes

:sparkles: Enhancements

  • :stop_sign: Add flow run cancellation support for workers - #9198

:adhesive_bandage: Fixes

  • :wrench: Fix work_queues and worker_type arguments for the prefect worker start CLI command — #9154
  • :bar_chart: Fix overflow in flow run logger UI — #1342
  • :page_facing_up: Fix schema form handling of reference objects — #1332
  • :keyboard: Improve flow graph UX by suppressing shortcuts when a metakey is active — #1333

:test_tube: Experimental

  • :mega: Emit an event when a worker submits a flow run for execution — #9203

:open_book: Documentation

  • :broom: Fix a broken link by removing an obsolete redirect — #9189
  • :arrows_counterclockwise: Add polling interval information to worker and agent documentation — #9209
  • :art: Update documentation badge styling to improve docs usability — #9207
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Normally, we’d suggest you head over to the release notes to learn more about Prefect 2.10.4.

But after the big 2.10.0 release a week ago, then two quick follow-up releases, we’ve kept 2.10.4 simple — and you’ve already seen everything! :smiley: