Prefect 2.8.4 is here with Azure filesystem improvements, better database performance, and more!

Prefect 2.8.4 has been released!

We are excited to celebrate many first-time contributors in this release. :tada::

@samdyzon upgraded the Azure filesystem block in #7513 :clap:
@jcorrado76 added to the deployment CLI in #8603 :partying_face:
@mjschock added a docs fix in #8660 :raised_hands:
@scharlottej13 updated Dask’s in #8669 :confetti_ball:

Thank you for your contributions and we look forward to your continued involvement in the Prefect community! :muscle:

Additionally, this release brings several other exciting changes, including added support for YAML config strings to KubernetesClusterConfig, graceful SIGTERM handling in Prefect Server, and much more.

See the release notes for a complete list of changes and bug fixes.

And for Google Cloud users, we also released a new version of the prefect-gcp collection!

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