New Prefect 2.0 release: 2.0b5 including small improvements for testing and setting API URL for the UI via PREFECT_ORION_UI_API_URL

This release includes some small improvements that we want to deliver immediately instead of bundling them with the next big release.

  • The prefect.testing module is now correctly included in the package on PyPI.

  • The Prefect UI no longer uses a hard-coded API URL pointing at localhost. Instead, the URL is pulled from the PREFECT_ORION_UI_API_URL setting.

    • This setting defaults to PREFECT_API_URL if set. Otherwise, the default URL is generated from PREFECT_ORION_API_HOST and PREFECT_ORION_API_PORT.
    • If providing a custom value, the aforementioned settings may be templated into the given string.

Give it a try :rocket:

pip install -U "prefect>=2.0b5"

Docs to get started: Prefect 2.0

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