New Prefect 2.0 release: 2.0b7 adding fixes for Orion UI on Windows, Orion UI color customization, anonymous blocks, and performance enhancements!

We’ve just released the 2.0b7 version of Prefect 2.0!

Thank you all again for the continued feedback on Prefect 2.0!

Exciting updates in this release include:

  • Fixes for running the Orion UI on Windows
  • A color select in the Orion UI, enabling users to change their state color scheme
  • Anonymous blocks, allowing Prefect to dynamically store blocks for you without cluttering your workspace
  • Performance enhancements
  • Documentation image updates for the Orion UI
  • and more … !!

As a result of ongoing upgrades to Blocks, the backend API in 2.0b7 is incompatible with previous Orion client versions. After the upgrade, your data will remain intact, but you will need to upgrade to 2.0b7 to continue using the Cloud 2.0 API. You can upgrade in a few simple steps:

  • Install the latest Prefect 2.0 Python package: pip install -U "prefect>=2.0b7"
  • Restart any existing agent processes
  • If you are using an agent running on Kubernetes, update the Prefect image version to 2.0b7 in your Kubernetes manifest and re-apply the deployment.
  • You don’t need to recreate any deployments or pause any schedules - stopping your agent process to perform an upgrade may result in some Late Runs, but those will be picked up once you restart your agent.

Happy engineering!