Serverless Real-Time Data Pipelines on AWS with Prefect, ECS and GitHub Actions - blog post by Anna Geller

Observable and robust real-time dataflows running on Serverless containers on AWS with a fully-automated deployment pipeline - sounds difficult? Prefect 2.0 makes it easy. Check our latest article.

if you want to jump straight into the code:

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When deploying Aamzon ECS task definition I got the following error:
"Error: Failed to register task definition in ECS: Role is not valid"

Logs here

Is it necessary to set up before any role manually in AWS?

Yes, task role and execution role ARN must be provided; not sure if you followed the tutorial exactly, but if you did, the role should have been created as part of this stack:

My apologies I was only looking at the repo and I missed that part. Thanks again!

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@anna_geller what on earth would I do without you haha. Thanks so much for this!! :+1:

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