How to get all flow run previously?

How to get all previously run flow ?
Use case : wanted to display the status all previously run flow.

You could check that in the UI - can you provide more context and explain your setup and use case?

i need to display in my tool

Perhaps you can use the backend API to query the information you need? Did you check out the Prefect documentation already?

Yes, can you help with related documentation.

perhaps start here? Should I start with Prefect 2.0 (Orion), skipping Prefect 1.0?

is possible to get the all previously runned flow ?

Like in format of json and other format

This is definitely possible and you can inspect the API routes to do that directly in the Swagger UI. If you start Orion and then add /docs to the URL, you’ll get an interactive documentation. You can see that here as well