Not Able to run flows via API

Hello, I’m new with Prefect 2.0. i’m trying to run a flow through the API, using the url:
POST with parms {
“name”: “my-flow-run-10”,
“flow_id”: “14111041-2fa4-448d-9c98-83837a3d7625”
The issue that I’m seeing my flow in UI list of Flow Runs but the flow is not trigger it’s always Pending.
Any help ? I just want to be able to trigger a flow from a REST API call.

Thanks in advance
PS: I started the my aganet with this command:
prefect agent start -q dev
But I’m not seeing an logs in the console as well :confused:

fair question - to solve it, you need to pass the scheduled state. This topic shows how:

Thank you

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