Feedback on using Prefect when migrating from SSIS ETL

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Hi @anna_geller , could you share how you migrated SSIS ETL using Prefect. Is there any doc or references you can share with me? I’m new to SSIS and Prefect. My task is to migrate SSIS ETL using Prefect. I’d appreciate some starting point. Thanks very much in advance.

Given that SSIS is essentially a drag-and-drop interface, you would need to evaluate your workflow and rebuild it in Python. Once you have it in Python, making it to a Prefect flow is as easy as adding a single @flow decorator.

So the part to get it into Python logic is the most challenging, and I don’t have any resources for that, unfortunately. If you need paid support to help you with this migration, you can reach out to our consultants and engineers at

Thank you.