Deploying Flows using Azure DevOps Pipeline to Prefect Orion on AKS

I’ve been doing some research the last couple days on how to automate flow deployment via Azure DevOps. Our team is still very new to Prefect; we just recently installed Orion on AKS. The next step for us is to create a CI/CD process to configure and deploy flows on Prefect. We have a good idea on the code/commands that need to be executed, but we’re not sure how to execute said code against our Prefect installation from an Azure Pipeline agent that is external to the pod running Prefect. I have not seen any examples of running Prefect scripts/commands from a remote machine, let alone in a true CI/CD pipeline. Can anyone provide detailed instructions on how to accomplish this? If detailed instructions are not available, really any insight would be much appreciated!

Thank You

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Absolutely! Check out those repositories: