Running Prefect 2.3.0 on an Ubuntu VM in Azure

Hi All,

We are new to Prefect and working to setup our first server. I have used the docker image to do a couple of POC’s locally but need to deploy Prefect on a VM in Azure. I have stood up an Ubuntu server and followed the getting started installation notes. I am able to run flows on the VM but I am unable to see these runs in the Orion UI. Also, the settings page is garbled. The only setting I have changed is PREFECT_ORION_UI_API_URL, which is set to the public ip of the vm. The command I am using to start it is prefect orion start --host Any help would be appreciated.

Hi gimli!

It sounds like your PREFECT_ORION_UI_API_URL setting is slightly incorrect. If you just set it to your VM’s IP, you will see a settings page that doesn’t quite look right.

If you instead set PREFECT_ORION_UI_API_URL to http://your-vm-ip/api, everything should work as expected.

Thanks, @ryan_peden!