Workflow going to pending state when using s3 is as storage block


I am using prefect 2.10.8.
Agent is running in ec2 and flow files are present in s3.
My deployment configuration is correct.
Until yesterday my flows were executing perfectly, but now we got this issue. Flow is going to pending state.

Flows files are getting downloaded from s3 and in the logs we could see like this:

7:21:59.713 | DEBUG | prefect.client - Connecting to API at ************/api
07:21:59.900 | INFO | Flow run ‘rich-wolf’ - Downloading flow code from storage at None
07:22:00.855 | DEBUG | Flow run ‘rich-wolf’ - Importing flow code from ‘’
07:22:00.866 | DEBUG | prefect.client - Connecting to API at ************/api

we didnt see any error and flow is staying in pending state forever.

my deployment function looks like this, i am loading the s3 block and setting the variable as storage parameter.

rdeployment = Deployment.build_from_flow(

            flow= flow.task_run,
            name= 'sample_deploy',
            skip_upload = True,
            storage = s3_bucket
            infra_overrides=dict(env={"PREFECT_LOGGING_LEVEL": "DEBUG"})

deployment_id = rdeployment.apply()

Previoulsy this was working fine, looking for some help or understanding on what is causing this issue.