Prefect 2.7.5/2.7.6, flow stuck at Pending forever

Hi Prefect Community,

I recently updated my prefect version to 2.7.5/2.7.6…Besides the lost of run state of my previous flow runs, I encountered a issue that’s fundamental to the usage:

The flow, if deloyed, cannot be executed by a local agent. It will stucked in Pending state forever. Here’s the output of the local agent:

Any idea how to deal with this issue?

Issue on mine seems somewaht related to Prefect Agent in local failed to finish the workflow with Prefect Orion in Kubernetes

Here’s more info on debug mode:

Thanks a lot for the assistance from @madkins on Slack. This issue has been solved.

This issue is caused by deploying the flow from the whole K drive instead of the detailed working directory. After re-deploy from the exact working directory, the flow is able to move forward from Pending state.

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