Web UI not connecting to prefect database


We are using Prefect 2.0 in a Linux environment, but outside of K8S or Docker, ie. just installed locally.

The CLI tools appear to be working fine - we can deploy a simple flow and get good results. However when the web UI comes up no deployments or flows are showing.

Any ideas what config items or settings we might be missing?

Version info:

Version: 2.10.5
API version: 0.8.4
Python version: 3.8.14
Git commit: d48dfbbc
Built: Thu, Apr 20, 2023 4:06 PM
OS/Arch: linux/x86_64
Profile: default
Server type: ephemeral
Database: sqlite
SQLite version: 3.39.2

Have you started the Orion server? How did you see the results from your flow?