Vertex manual run in prefect cloud UI

I don’t see the option for a VertexRun when using the UI to trigger a manual flow run. Is there a plan to have that updated in prefect cloud?

I know that I can specify the run config inside of the flow, but I would like the option to manually configure the Vertex config from the UI.

See below screenshot where I would expect there to be a Vertex option:

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That’s a good point. Vertex is the most recently added agent type, and I believe it hasn’t been added so far only because nobody requested this feature until now :smile: I will forward this to the UI team.

Thanks for the quick response - looking forward to when this is released!

You can track the issue here: Add run config option for a vertex agent · Issue #1264 · PrefectHQ/ui · GitHub

I’m not 100% sure whether this will get added since Prefect 2.0 is currently a priority and you are the only user who requested this so far. Just to be transparent and manage expectations, hope you understand.

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