Troubleshooting Server migration to Hasura 2.0 and Prefect >= 1.1

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Henry @Henry: Hello. We upgrade from 0.15.14 to 1.1.0 and it seems like our flows are still running but nothign shows up on the dashboard unless we pick a project

Kevin_Kho @Kevin_Kho: You mean the main dashboard just to confirm?

Henry @Henry: yes the main dashboard with the overview/flows/calendar tab

Kevin_Kho @Kevin_Kho: you’re on Cloud or Server?

Henry @Henry: server
migrations seemed to run fine

Kevin_Kho @Kevin_Kho: when you go to the dashboard and open the console do you get an error?

Henry @Henry: it looks like we’re geting the followign error

  "type": "http-log",
  "timestamp": "2022-03-25T18:16:10.065+0000",
  "level": "error",
  "detail": {
    "operation": {
      "user_vars": {
        "x-hasura-role": "admin"
      "error": {
        "path": "$.selectionSet.flow_run.args.where.flow_id._eq",
        "error": "unexpected null value for type \"uuid\"",
        "code": "validation-failed"
      "request_id": "83d14323-d5ce-4fa5-82c1-049718ff4ff3",
      "response_size": 134,
      "request_mode": "error"
    "request_id": "83d14323-d5ce-4fa5-82c1-049718ff4ff3",
    "http_info": {
      "status": 400,
      "http_version": "HTTP/1.1",
      "url": "/v1alpha1/graphql",
      "ip": "",
      "method": "POST",
      "content_encoding": null

Kevin_Kho @Kevin_Kho: that does seem like migrations didn’t work. could you try running them manually?

Henry @Henry: any clue on which migrations i should be running?
seems like the console works
i did not see any flow_run.flow_id null’s


Michael_Adkins @Michael_Adkins: This looks like your Hasura/Prefect Server versions are not matched.
This environment variable is needed for Hasura 2+