The fourth launch week initiative - Sock Day & Marvin Challenge and release of Prefect 2.0 Collections!

Hi and happy Thursday to all Prefectionists! :wave:

As part of the fourth launch week initiative we are excited to make two big announcements:

  1. Prefect is now officially SOC-2 compliant! :socks:
  2. We’ve just released our new Prefect 2.0 Integrations called Prefect Collections! :rocket:

We are now SOC-2 compliant!

As you may know, Prefect has innovated and patented the hybrid execution model that keeps your code and data private while still taking full advantage of our managed workflow orchestration service in Prefect Cloud. This hybrid model is extremely important to many Prefect enterprise customers as it provides cloud convenience with on-prem security. We are happy to announce that apart from the hybrid execution model, we are now also SOC 2 certified!

The effort of becoming SOC 2 certified consisted of half a year of:

  • writing out our policies,
  • performing a gap analysis on said policies and remediating those gaps.

This was followed by another half a year of working within a control period where we were audited by a third party on how closely we observed those policies.

Shoutout to @kingsley who made that happen!

None of this would be possible without the amazing culture and operations established early on by Prefect. Read more about this in the following blog post:

Join PrefectLive on Twitch today 17th of March at 2 pm ET!

Join us on PrefectLive on Twitch today at 3 pm ET where in honor of SOC day our CTO Chris White we’ll be giving away Prefect branded socks! :socks:

Prefect Collections

Prefect Collections are groupings of pre-built tasks and flows used to quickly build data flows with Prefect. You may think of them as equivalent to the task library in Prefect 1.0 (even though they include much more than just tasks!).

Collections are grouped around the services with which they interact. For example:

  • to download data from an S3 bucket, you could use the s3_download task from the prefect-aws collection,
  • or if you want to send a Slack message as part of your flow you could use the send_message task from the prefect-slack collection.

By using Prefect Collections, you can reduce the amount of boilerplate code that you need to write for interacting with common services, and focus on the outcome you’re seeking to achieve.

This time, shoutout to @desertaxle who made that possible! Here’s how Alex described Prefect Collections:

Prefect orchestrates the modern data stack, and, if you pardon my French, there’s beaucoup de choses in the modern data stack. This means that when engineers create workflows with Prefect there are usually a handful of other services and platforms that they need to interact with to accomplish their objectives. A Prefect flow may involve extracting data from an object storage service like S3, validating that data with Great Expectations, loading the data into a Snowflake data warehouse, transforming it with dbt, and sending a notification of the result with Slack.

Learn more about Collections in the docs and in the following blog post:

Marvin Challenge

Starting this month, we are introducing Marvin’s Challenge, a monthly hackathon where Marvin will challenge the community to build something and compete for swag and prizes! :duck:

The first challenge is up now! Your challenge is simple:

  • Run a flow with Prefect 2.0 (previously Orion)
  • Show us the Radar plot generated.

Earn swag as follows:

  • Share your Radar plot on Slack in the #show-us-what-you-got channel to receive an exclusive Marvin’s Challenge sticker.

  • Create a short piece of content–written or video–about the flow you wrote and share a link to the content to receive a sticker and your own Marvin rubber duck.

Don’t know where to post your content? Create a topic in the Random category here on Discourse!

  • We’ll look at all submitted content and vote on our favorite–the most interesting or innovative–and the winner will receive a swag box full of Marvin’s Challenge goodies, including something that officially declares you Marvin’s Winner!

  • After you’ve shared in our community Slack, go fill out this form to claim your swag.

  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday March 23. Then check back in April for the next Challenge!

Check out Marvin’s blog post to read more:

Show Marvin what you got!

Missed previous LAUNCH WEEK announcements? Here’s a summary :point_down:

Happy engineering! :technologist: