Launch Week Recap!

Hi Prefectionists!

Thanks again and shoutout to everyone who participated in our Launch Week. We announced so many things it was hard to keep track! Check out this detailed recap of Launch Week on our blog:

From Prefect 2.0 to Cloud 2.0, and everything in between, you can get a full snapshot of all the excitement that happened. Also, see all announcements linked below.

In-person meetup in Austin

The fun continues today in Austin, TX where the Pizza Patrol will be out in full force! We’ll see you at The Onion in Austin at 8 pm local - more info here:

Recap of all LAUNCH WEEK announcements

Happy Engineering! :technologist:

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As a final recap, make sure to watch the Fireside chat with Jeremiah and Chris (not even mentioning Chris Reuter since he’s on every video :smile:)

When I click play, I get: “Video unavailable; Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner Watch on YouTube”; is this expected?

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Thanks, I see the same! Will ask Reuter

@ahuang11 it works now!

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