Subflows logs do not appear in Parent Flow

Hello everyone.
We recently migrated from Prefect v1 to Prefect v2, and so far we had an excellent experience, mainly from changing “Flow of flows” to “Subflows”. But we are having a problem where the logs from the “Parent Flow” do not show any logs from the subflows. We already checked so far:

  • the subflows does have logs to show up
  • Both subflows and parent flow uses the same Logger and Level (debug)

Before we used the function wait_for_flow_run (like its show on the thread Migrating to Prefect 2.0: From Flow of Flows to Subflows), but just calling the flow directly did not produced any results.

Notes: The logs we are missing have INFO level, and they don’t show up either on prefect UI and prefect Rest API.

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I am experiencing the same issue.