Prefect is hiring!

As of April 3, Prefect is hiring interns (work with me on the Integrations team Job Application for Integrations Intern (Summer 2022) at Prefect), software engineers, product managers, graphic designers, account executives, and so much more (see the list here: Jobs at Prefect)

Prefect not only has great perks (shown in the image), but the best company culture I’ve experienced! The team truly strives to not only help the company succeed but each other (read an intern’s perspective about his onboarding experience…/inside-prefect-reflections-on…/) If something isn’t working, the team is open to suggestions and actually acts on them!

It’s seriously so empowering to be at Prefect! You can have first-hand experience of Prefect’s positive culture within our Slack community

Feel free to reach out if you have questions!

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We now have a software engineer position (Job Application for Integrations Engineer at Prefect) open in the integrations team, in addition to the previously posted intern position (Job Application for Integrations Intern (Summer 2022) at Prefect)! All open positions can be found here: Jobs at Prefect.

Prefect is a wonderful place to work with tons of perks, flexibility, and smart, kind people, which results in an awesome work culture. To date, we have 5 stars on our Glassdoor profile, and tons of detailed reviews to back it up!

“From the CEO down, everybody is committed to these cultural standards that are truly exceptional.”
Prefect - Prefect's culture is a walled garden that I'm happy to live in | Glassdoor (I didn’t write that, but I do agree!)

Let me know if you have any questions, and also feel free to share with others!

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Is there a cutoff date to apply for the summer internship? I’m very much interested!


HI @mczw! Thanks for asking; I am not sure, but I will get back to you as soon as I know!

According to Sarah, there is no cutoff date!