Prefect 2.7.9 is here with new OpenAI integration, multi-architecture Docker development images, AWS chalice recipe, GitHub block and CLI enhancements, and more!

Prefect 2.7.9 has just been released!

This release ships with multi-architecture development Docker images!
This means that you can now pull both linux/amd64 and arm64-based development images directly from DockerHub, for example:

docker pull prefecthq/prefect-dev:main-python3.10 # default: linux/amd64 
docker pull prefecthq/prefect-dev:main-python3.10 --platform linux/arm64

There is also a new Prefect OpenAI collection for all AI fans!

We’ve also:

  • added a new interface to filter .git files when using the GitHub block

  • added the --head and --num-logs flags to the flow-run logs CLI:

    • prefect flow-run logs run_uuid --head will give you 20 log messages for a given flow run UUID
    • prefect flow-run logs run_uuid --num-logs 5 will give you 5 log messages for a given flow run UUID
  • fixed several bugs, a.o. one for blocks and one for Windows subprocesses

  • added a new recipe contribution documentation page

  • added a new AWS Chalice recipe

Big thanks to ddelange for consistently working on contributing several PRs to add the arm64-based Docker images as well as to mj0nez, and ohadch for contributing to Prefect!

For all enhancements and fixes, check the release notes.

Happy engineering!