Prefect 2.3.2 was released

Hi everyone! :wave:

We’ve just released Prefect 2.3.2 with several bug fixes, as well as UI and docs enhancements. As always, thanks to everyone reporting issues on GitHub! :blue_heart:

See the list below for a detailed overview of changes.

Enhancements :zap:

  • UI displays a message when backend is unreachable - #6670

Fixes :gear:

  • Fix issue where parameters weren’t updated when a deployment was re-applied by @lennertvandevelde in #6668
  • Fix issues with stopping Orion on Windows machines - #6672
  • Fix issue with GitHub storage running in non-empty directories - #6693
  • New deployments now respect all user inputs - #6695

Documentation :books:

  • Missing Deployment docs were added
  • Fugue is now listed in the Collections catalog
  • And many smaller but equally important enhancements

Shoutout to lennertvandevelde · GitHub for becoming a new Prefect contributor! :tada:

Detailed Release notes: link

Happy Engineering! :duck: