Prefect 2.0 (orion) error while trying to deploy on Openshift

Im fairly new to prefect abd i was trying to deploy prefect 2.0 (prefect2.0b6) on Openshift (on-prem).
Basically I was following the tutorial ‘Run Orion on Kubernetes’,
Applying the given manifest but the deployed pod could not start.

I have seen the following error

/usr/local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/prefect/ Userwarning: Failed to create the Prefect home directory at /.prefect ettingsContext(profile-profile, settings-new_settings) as ctx

I haven’t done anything beyond applying the manifest on Openshift.

What did I do wrong ?
Am I missing something ?

Hey RoyAR,

Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to know what exactly is wrong here and would really need involved debugging.

It could be the Security Context Constraints are stopping you from creating files. Prefect needs to be able to write the settings file if it doesn’t exist. So you need the filesystem to be writable.

I think the problem is that its trying to run with ‘root’ permissions.
Is there any way that we could run prefect 2.0 with non root user ?

In addition to that I’d like to verify another thing.
We are also trying to deploy prefect in an air gapped environment.
Does prefect 2 (not the cloud version of course) rely on any connection to the internet ?

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