O'Reilly Prefect 2.0 course with Kalise Richmond and Nate Nowack

Build, run, and monitor data pipelines at scale

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About this course

Data engineers and scientists spend most of their time on negative or defensive engineering, writing code to handle unpredictable failures such as resources going down, APIs intermittently failing, or malformed data corrupting data pipelines. Workflow orchestration tools help eliminate negative engineering, allowing engineers and scientists to focus on the problems they are solving. Modern data applications have evolved, and orchestrators such as Prefect are providing more runtime flexibility and the ability to leverage distributed compute through Dask.

Discover how workflow orchestration can free you up to build solutions, not just avert failures. You’ll learn about basic orchestration features such as retries, scheduling, parameterization, caching, and secret management, and you’ll construct real data pipelines.

Code and notebooks with explanation

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