Many live events happening within the next 2 weeks!

Hi Prefectionists! :wave:

Some exciting live events are upcoming over the next two weeks:

  • Tuesday 4/5: Our very own @Kalise Richmond is hosting a beginners demo of Prefect tomorrow at 1p Eastern. Sign up here to watch & interact live!

  • Wednesday 4/6: Community and Club 42 member @Henning Holgersen (@radbrt) will be on PrefectLive this week showing his use case for Prefect. Be sure to join us live on Twitch at 3:15p Eastern on Wednesday 4/6. You can check out more details directly from Henning here.

  • We have two notable events on Wednesday, 4/13!

    • @Laura Lorenz is back for a Prefect 2.0 livestream at 12:30p Eastern.
      All of Lauraโ€™s livestreams are :fire: - sign up here to watch live!

    • At 3p Eastern, @Ben Welsh will guest star on PrefectLive and cover how he deploys Prefect with GCP, enabling changes with a single Github release. More info from Ben here.