How to get all deployments programmatically by using Orion client?

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Rajan_Subramanian @Rajan_Subramanian: is there a way programmatically to get a list of deployments in prefect?
i know we can do

prefect deployment ls

but i want to get all my created deployments…1000 of them and run them all. so im assuming i have to programatically execute prefect deployment run deploymenet_name for each deployment in my deployments

Kevin_Kho @Kevin_Kho: The deployments endpoint doesn’t seem to have a “list all”. I’d need to ask someone
You would do:

async with get_client() as client:
    deployments = await client.read_deployments(
        flow_filter=FlowFilter(name={"any_": flow_name}) if flow_name else None

and they also you will need to paginate through the deployments (pass limit and offset to client.read_deployments) because the default limit is 200 objects

Rajan_Subramanian @Rajan_Subramanian: oh it only reads 200?

Kevin_Kho @Kevin_Kho: Returns 200 at a time so you need to add offset to get the next 200

Rajan_Subramanian @Rajan_Subramanian: ah got it