New Orion release 2.0a11 featuring the Kubernetes integration - you can now run all Orion components on Kubernetes!

The Orion project continues its steady march to becoming the :rocket: greatest workflow orchestration engine ever. This week, it is one step closer to production-ready with Kubernetes integration.

The new Prefect CLI command prefect orion kubernetes-manifest will automatically generate a Kubernetes manifest for:

  • Orion service and its underlying REST API,
  • Orion UI,
  • Orion agent,
  • a Kubernetes Role and RoleBinding with all necessary permissions.

Give it a try

As soon as you assign the KubernetesFlowRunner to your DeploymentSpec, Orion will deploy your flows as Kubernetes Jobs.

from prefect import flow
from prefect.deployments import DeploymentSpec
from prefect.flow_runners import KubernetesFlowRunner

def test_flow():
    print("Hello from Kubernetes!")


If you’re running Orion in Kubernetes, you don’t need to configure any networking. When the agent runs your deployment, it will create a Kubernetes job, which will start a pod running your flow.

To learn more, check out: