How do I get my logs into the Orion UI?

I’ve tried the following based on this logging guide:

  • using prefect config set PREFECT_LOGGING_EXTRA_LOGGERS=myapp as described here → that way, my application logs showed up the the output of prefect agent, but not in the UI.
  • using get_run_logger() as root logger for my application → doesn’t work for me because it returns a PrefectLogAdapter, not a Logger and I’m using getChild() quite a lot.

I’m currently on prefect 2.3.4

In the Orion UI under Orion Settings, I don’t see any extra loggers:


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Could you explain this more? Any chance you could provide a more extensive example with the exact flow, configuration, etc. you’ve been using? If you could provide a minimal example, I could then try to reproduce

Also here, can you explain why? all you need to do is to call it:

def say_hi(user_name: str):
    logger = get_run_logger()"Hello from Prefect 2.0, %s!", user_name)