How can I start a flow run recorded in my API backend?

Prefect 2.0

All flow runs, even those started locally, are recorded in the Orion backend. Thus, there is nothing else you need to do besides calling your main flow function.

Additionally, you can start a flow run by creating and executing a deployment, attaching a schedule to your deployment, or triggering a run from the UI or API. Here is an example:

prefect deployment execute 'flow_name/deployment_name’

Prefect 1.0

There are several ways to start a flow run recorded in a backend. You can use the UI, GraphQL API call, attach a schedule, or you can leverage the CLI by referencing the flow by name and by project if the flow name is not unique across projects:

prefect run --name flow_name --watch

The optional --watch flag allows you to see the logs in the console.

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