Health check prefect 2 agent


We are trying to deploy an aws ECS task for an agent and are wondering if there is a prefect 2 equivalent of the health check described in here How can I programmatically check whether Prefect agent is healthy?

This is needed to monitor our ecs tasks and destroy when the agent becomes unhealthy


I’d just like to second this as an issue of interest for my team as well.

As long as the agent’s ECS Task is running as a service in the ECS cluster, the agent will restart automatically.

See this diagram for more information:

Thanks for the follow up Tayor. Unfortunately we’re seeing behavior where Prefect 2 Agents get very sickly indeed and do not reset. Seems to be a common issue, judging from the discussion on a seemingly related Github issue Client sometimes fails with `httpx.LocalProtocolError` · Issue #7442 · PrefectHQ/prefect · GitHub