Is there a Dashboard overview of active agents?

I have recently decided to switch to Prefect 2.0 Cloud. So far I like the new system very much. However, what I miss compared to Prefect 1.0 is an overview of active agents on the dashboard. In addition, Prefect 1.0 used a “heartbeat” to test whether an agent was still active periodically.
Is there such a possibility in Prefect 2.0? The bottom line is that I would like to be notified when an agent fails, or have an overview where I can manually check periodically if all agents are running. A solution independent of the Prefect dashboard would also be acceptable.
My thought: a flow fails and I am looking for the cause. In the agents’ overview, I notice that the responsible agent is no longer active. So I know how to fix the problem.

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Totally understandable. Not yet, but it’s on our radar to add this feature