GitHub Hosting Flows

Posting a question from on of our DevOps folks:

In a deployment can we set the path for flows to a folder in GitHub repository? Meaning can we host the flows in GitHub?

yes, you can use a GitHub block

Hi Anna, I’m on the same team as goose_loose. Is there any documentation or example code we could look at on how to do that? We’ve been able to set up the GitHub block and update our python code for the deployment but when the flow runs, it says it cannot find the py file for the flow. For reference, the agent is running on an AKS cluster and we are using Prefect Cloud.

this one:

I highly recommend doing this from CLI, not Python, to make paths etc explicit

Thanks for the response. Following this documentation, when I include the storage block argument for the github block, it says its trying to upload the flow to github which of course it can’t. So what is the intent here? I guess I don’t understand when you would use a github storage block argument if its not downloading/referencing the flow in github but rather trying to upload it.

On a separate note, applying that deployment, it did find the flow. I think because the path was set to “”. But now its telling me it can’t find the python module prefect_dbt (the flow connects to dbt cloud). Where are the flows running? In prefect cloud? On the AKS cluster? How would I get the module installed? Thanks!

You’re right. With GitHub we don’t upload the code anywhere, you only point to your repo

infrastructure block is what defines where your flow gets executed

perhaps this can help: