''Custom run" parameter entry not appearing in local Prefect UI


I’m running Prefect 2.10.6 on a local windows host. Looking at the Deployment documentation (Deployments - Prefect Docs) “Parameters in deployments” a custom parameters menu should appear in the UI.

However, that is not the case in my UI. See attatched picture.

I can’t seem to find any other inquiries about this issue. Curious as to why this happens…

Version:             2.10.6
API version:         0.8.4
Python version:      3.9.2
Git commit:          d7a8f6bf
Built:               Thu, Apr 27, 2023 2:23 PM
OS/Arch:             win32/AMD64
Profile:             default
Server type:         server

EDIT: Seems like every source I can find where section exists is when the server is hosted on Prefect Cloud. The UI service should in practice be the same for local servers as well?


Solved: The menu did not appear due to me not providing any variables/parameters in the @flow-function. User error on my part!