How to override default parameter values when creating a flow run from deployment?

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Jose_Daniel_Posada_Montoya @Jose_Daniel_Posada_Montoya: Hi, Orion question, is there any upcoming plan in the roadmap that allows modifying the parameters of a deployment from the UI before launching a Flow Run of it. Thanks!

@Anna_Geller: That’s definitely on the roadmap. To make sure you can track it, let me open an issue for it.
@Marvin open “Orion: allow changing parameter values when triggering a flow run from a deployment in the UI”

Marvin @Marvin: Allow flow run parameters to be set in the UI · Issue #5617 · PrefectHQ/prefect · GitHub

Jose_Daniel_Posada_Montoya @Jose_Daniel_Posada_Montoya: Good to know, thanks a lot!

Michael_Smith @Michael_Smith: Similar question for the CLI (api client). At the moment the cli doesnt accept parameters when running deployments. In addition is it possible to install the prefect client independently of the entire prefect package? Are there any API docs for PF2?

Jose_Daniel_Posada_Montoya @Jose_Daniel_Posada_Montoya: You can’t do it thru the CLI, but you can override default params using the Python client or REST API using create_flow_run_from_deployment

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I recently had this issue and found a way to launch a flow run with a deployment and override parameters within the Prefect API. Posting the code below in case this will help someone else.

Basically, create an OrionClient object and run the create_flow_run_from_deployment function in an async loop. Solution works on Prefect 2.0.2.

from prefect.client import OrionClient
import asyncio
prefect_client = OrionClient(api="http://<ip>:4200/api")
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
task = loop.create_task(
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Nice work and thanks for sharing!