Connection string to postgres containing "$" breaks prefect on PowerShell terminal

I’m using prefect 2.14.15 and I ran the prefect config command to set the property PREFECT_API_DATABASE_CONNECTION_URL. But it caused my prefect terminal application to break.
The connection string contained the character “$” as a text in it and I used the following command to set it.
prefect config set PREFECT_API_DATABASE_CONNECTION_URL=‘postgresql://user:$omePassword@’

When I was using sqlite database, I did not had this issue. After setting the database connection url containing “$”, any command using ‘prefect’ on terminal returns an error: ValueError: Invalid placeholder in string: line 1, col 21.

I tried reinstalling env, trying prefect command on global env. But It not work. I don’t know how to reset the application. I tried also finding where this value was stored to erase the file but I didnt had sucess.

Can someone please help?
I’m Using prefect 2.14.15, on python 3.10.11

Found a way to fix it.
Just open the file profile.toml in prefect home. In my windows was C:/Users/<my-user>/.prefect/profiles.toml

I opened and erased the value with $. The prefect alias on terminal worked just fine